Architect plans to 3D print luxury estate

Today, houses and mansions printed on a 3D printer are no longer a surprise, so the scale is growing. US architect Adam Kushner has started to implement his ambitious project - the construction, or rather, 3D printing of an entire estate in one of the "sleeping" areas in the north of New York.

The project includes a 223 square meter jacuzzi, pool and carport. Partner of Adam Kushner is one of the founders of 3D technology, the head of D-Shape, Enrico Dini. According to Kushner, the site is currently being surveyed before the start of earthworks.

The swimming pool and jacuzzi will be completed by the end of the year and the residential building by December 2017. Much will hinge on getting the giant construction 3D printer from Italy, where he is working on one of the military projects. After receiving the appropriate permission, it will be delivered to the United States. A mixture of sand, dust, gravel, magnesium and a binder will be used as the "ink" in the 3D printer.

According to Adam Kushner, in the event of a successful implementation of a project in the field of architecture and construction, new prospects open up.