A heat-saving table has been developed in France

Parisian designer Jean Sebastian Lagrange together with engineer-architect Rafael Menard have developed a unique table, which at a temperature of + 22 ° C begins to "absorb" the surrounding heat, so that it becomes a source of it when the temperature falls.

Such properties have become possible due to the special structure of the table. Under the upper wooden slab there is a kind of "sandwich" made of corrugated aluminum and a special wax phase-changing material, which, when heated above +22 ° C, softens and begins to "store" the received heat in reserve.

According to the calculations of Lagrange and Menard, such a table in a small conference room in the presence of 15 people can save up to 30% of the energy consumed by a conventional air conditioner. It manifests itself most effectively during non-working hours, when it is able to warm the premises with the heat accumulated during the day.

The developers intend to apply the gained experience in the design of lighting, using the resulting excess heat. In the longer term, they hope to create a whole family of similar home products.