Bomb-Proof Kevlar Wallpaper Saves Many Lives

During the hostilities, many soldiers inside the premises are killed and injured by fragments of exploding ammunition and broken parts of the building. Specialists of the US Army have developed special ballistic wallpaper based on Kevlar fibers, which, according to the calculations of their creators, should minimize these losses.

The well-known properties of Kevlar - strength and lightness, have fully manifested themselves in the new development. The rooms where such wallpaper is pasted will withstand even a mortar mine hit and, moreover, will protect the walls from destruction into small fragments.

A brick wall with ballistic wallpaper was tested, on which impacts of different strengths were applied in turn with a wall-breaking metal ball. With the most powerful blow, the outer part of the wall caved in, but thanks to the wallpaper, it still resisted.

Texture of kevlar wallpaper

Ballistic wallpaper is designed to cover various protective structures, which even an unprepared unit can do in a short time.