Digital displays in Russia will be printed with domestic "ink"

Tomsk scientists of the organic electronics laboratory of the local state university are working on their creation. Recently, in the manufacture of displays for electronics, the most advanced technologies have been applied, in particular, printer printing. Special compounds based on organic semiconductors are used as "ink" for it.

The project is designed for three years, and the Russian Science Foundation has allocated 18 million rubles for its implementation. When the “ink” is ready, it will help to start production of devices based on organic light-emitting diodes, which differ from plasma and liquid-crystal analogs by better image quality and lower cost.

So far, we are only talking about the development of "ink". The process itself will be carried out on Samsung printers, where the production of such displays on 3D printers has long been put on stream. Tomsk scientists are determined to overcome the gap in the near future, for which they will have to unite their efforts with colleagues from other institutes dealing with semiconductor topics.