Tesla unveils new product - PowerWall home battery

Tesla, a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry, has unveiled a home battery pack. The founder of the company Elon Musk said that the new product could change the energy infrastructure around the world.

A battery called PowerWall will be able to store and store energy generated by solar panels or the electricity grid at night, when electricity is generally cheaper. Also, the device will be able to act as a safe backup power supply.

As conceived by the developers, PowerWall will hang on the wall of a garage or inside a residential area and will be able to make any home equipped with solar panels completely independent from the traditional power system.

Initially, the device will cost around $ 3, 500 and will go on sale in the US later this year. But Tesla is committed to expanding PowerWall across America over the next year. Germany is also considered as a key market for the product.

New storage facilities can be very useful for underdeveloped countries, where the supply of electricity is extremely unreliable, but there is a surplus of solar energy.