French Architects Designed a Tower City for the Sahara Desert

Paris-based firm OXO Architectes, together with renowned architect Nicholas Laysne, presented a futuristic design for a multifunctional tower called the "Vertical City", specially designed for the Sahara Desert.

This concept design envisages the use of renewable sources, including solar and geothermal energy and rainwater harvesting. The city of the Sand Tower will rise to a height of 450 meters, which is almost half the size of the famous Burj Khalifa (828 m) in Dubai, but much larger in area - 78 hectares.

A huge vertical garden will be located in the central part of the tower. 22% of the total area will be occupied by offices, 17.5% - by hotels and 15% - by residential premises. The remaining space will go to the shopping center, conference rooms, sports complex, museum, spa, bar and restaurant. The upper part of the tower and the roof are intended for the meteorological observatory and the helipad.

The tower will annually collect up to 45, 000 cubic meters. meters of precipitation, some of which will be pumped underground to a depth of about 4 km, where it will turn into steam from the heat of the Earth. The steam is then delivered to the surface, driving the power generator and heating the water for the heating system.

The remaining water will be used for drinking, in the sewage system and for irrigating the garden. Waste water is treated and reused. Additional power supplies are solar panels. The climate inside the tower will be controlled by natural ventilation.