A new technology for removing oil from the sea surface has been developed

A group of European researchers, within the framework of an international project, developed an original technology for removing oil spills from the sea surface using a floating trap that resembles a well-known mop.

The existing methods of combating oil spills, as a rule, are technically very complex and require the involvement of significant forces and resources. The oil mop has no such drawbacks.

It is an unsinkable polypropylene mesh made of loops. The material from which the net is made absorbs oil products well and repels water. She does not need special buoys to stay on the surface. The mop is not afraid of a strong storm, since it easily follows the contours of the waves, while continuing to do its job.

The mop is designed to work with several types of oil products. The retention volume of dirt is 50 times the weight of the squeegee itself. At the end of the work, the mop is removed from the water, thoroughly wrung out and cleaned, and the oil products are discharged into a special tanker and sent for processing or disposal.

The developers hope to bring their product to industrial use within a year.