Bioengineers managed to get a perfume with a rose scent from yeast

Could you imagine that perfume will be produced from yeast? This is exactly the prospect for perfumers - the Boston company Ginkgo Bioworks managed to get a mixture based on microscopic fungi - yeast, which, with the help of genetic engineering, began to smell like real roses.

The resulting blend can provide a convenient and much more cost-effective alternative to, for example, rose oil, a classic perfume ingredient. Currently, it is distilled from roses picked by hand from the fields of Bulgaria and Turkey.

Bioengineers at Ginkgo conducted a study on the genes of the rose to find out which enzymes and specific chemical compounds are responsible for producing their scent. The experts then modified the genes of the yeast to achieve the desired metabolic reactions. The result is a yeast with a specific floral aroma.

Many perfume companies are confident that fragrant fungal blends have a great future ahead of them. Even though the pink scent may well be reproduced by synthetic substitutes, perfumers consider them to fall short of the intricacies of high-end perfumes.

One question remains, will yeast perfume manufacturers inform their customers about the unusual composition and manufacturing process of their product? In any case, you are now in the know.