Amazon to test drone delivery of parcels in London

Global e-commerce leader Amazon has obtained the consent of the UK government to deploy a delivery system using drones. Testing of the Prime Air delivery service, the development of which Amazon announced back in 2013, turned out to be impossible in the United States due to the legal ban on the use of drones outside the operator's line of sight.

The British Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) has given Amazon permission to use UAVs in the suburbs and countryside for a full field test of the delivery system. The results will be used to develop standards for the commercial use of drones, as well as to assess the effectiveness of their detection and avoidance system.

The company expects to use drones to reduce the delivery time of purchases to 30 minutes. It is planned that the drones of the Prime Air system will have a mass of less than 25 kg and will be able to carry 2.3 kg of cargo. The project should pay off within a year after launch, and the cost of one delivery is planned to be brought to $ 1.