Scientists from Samara have developed a "chocolate" 3D printer

3D technologies continue to master more and more new "professions". This time, thanks to specialists from the Samara Aerospace University, a 3D printer-pastry chef was born that prints chocolate products. It should be noted right away that with its "confectionery" abilities, already at the stage of the prototype, it surpassed its foreign competitors.

Its assortment includes confectionery products exceeding 5 cm in size. It is planned to run the printer in one of the city restaurants. According to the developers, one of the main problems that they managed to solve is the spreading of the chocolate "ink" until it solidifies.

The birthplace of the printer is far from coincidental. Scientists of the Aerospace University, in addition to their main specialty - the creation of space technology, also engaged in providing the ISS crews with a balanced diet.

According to one of the creators of the device, Vera Panova, now the traditional space food from tubes will be supplemented with products made on board the station using their 3D printer, which, by the way, does not exclude the possibility of using it on Earth. Suffice it to say that the performance of a 3D printer is 6 times higher than that of a "manual" version.

After the young scientists of the Aerospace University develop the corresponding application for the smartphone, its owners will have the opportunity to choose any chocolate recipe for "printing".