Is the office too cold or too hot? Science rushes to the rescue

In many offices, undeclared "wars" are going on between its inhabitants for the right to own the thermostat, which is associated with different understandings of concepts such as "warm" or "cold".

Experiments are currently underway at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to test all possible technologies that improve office comfort while lowering energy costs. For this purpose, a closed box with an area of ​​23, 2 sq. meter, where office furniture with heating and cooling was placed. A special infrared camera monitors when someone in the experimental office starts to freeze or gets hot.

Sensors installed in the room monitor the CO2 concentration alternately in 20 variants when hot and cold air is supplied. The goal of the scientists is to improve the interaction between individual devices responsible for the internal climate, which will inevitably lead to energy savings.

Technologies for maintaining a comfortable climate are becoming demanded by an increasing number of companies. According to NREL spokesman Dane Christensen, there is a real opportunity to reduce the operating costs of buildings while improving their interior comfort. Everyone benefits from this - office occupants, owners and operators.