China prepares to produce cloned beef on an industrial scale

As more and more people in China achieve material well-being, the demand for more expensive food products, in particular for meat, is growing. So over the past 40 years, it has quadrupled. In order to fully satisfy the needs of hundreds of millions of Chinese, it was decided to use the latest achievements of genetics.

Industrial genetics company BoyaLife intends to begin commercial production of cloned beef, according to a recent press release. This decision is based on the fact that farmers will now be able to raise larger animals with better meat quality and resistance to various diseases.

It should be noted that BoyaLife is far from being the first in this area. Almost 20 years separate us from the birth of the first cloned sheep, Dolly, after which cloned goats, rabbits, horses and cats were born. And last year, another Chinese company, BGI, opened a cloned pork plant.

BoyaLife's ambitious plans are to produce up to 100, 000 cloned cows annually, which is six times more than the largest US farms and 200 times more than the number of pigs in BGI. Over time, the company intends to reach the level of 1 million heads per year.