"Water bubble" - an edible replacement for a plastic bottle

The spherical container "water bubble" can rightfully be called a revolution in the field of containers for drinks. The main feature of the product is that it can eat the drunk contents, since the "water bladder" is made of completely edible algae and calcium chloride.

The Ooho Water Bubble debut took place at the traditional climate innovation festival in Birmingham, where participants proposed new technologies to improve the environment. The creators of the "water bubble" sincerely hope that their brainchild will bury the plastic bottle, which has become a huge problem for our civilization.

An unusual container is made by processing spherical ice cubes with the above-mentioned components with a "liquid" membrane shape. In this case, the outer shell hardens, and the ice inside melts. Together, this forms a water ball. To drink the contents, you need to bite or pierce it.

Currently, the creators of the "water bubble" are working to improve its design.