An acoustic beam capable of lifting objects has become a reality

Surely many people remember the sound beam from the Star Trek series, with the help of which the crew members of the Enterprise starship manipulated various objects in space.

Professor Shriram Subramanian and his colleagues from the University of Sussex (UK) managed to create such an acoustic beam by improving the technology of focusing high-intensity sound waves.

Using several dozen miniature ultrasonic acoustic speakers, they learned how to create acoustic "holograms". There is still a lot of work to be done to move huge objects like in science fiction, but you can manipulate small objects now.

Sadly, the inventors immediately clarify that the technology will only work within the earth's atmosphere. Using a powerful beam in space, as did the crew of the starship Enterpise, will not work, because acoustic waves do not propagate in airless space.

The researchers argue that in the future, acoustic holographic systems can be used, for example, to transport fragile parts on assembly lines.