In Tomsk, nanobindings that heal wounds have been developed

In medicine, it is not uncommon for wounds to heal. Typical examples are bedsores and trophic ulcers. The reason is that the pathogenic microorganisms that cause them are resistant to antibiotics, and even attempts to create new drugs do not lead to positive results.

Nanobindings developed at the Institute of Physics of Strength and Materials Science (Tomsk) solve this problem. Tomsk scientists have applied a completely new principle of interaction between the applied dressing and microorganisms, as a result of which the negative consequences can be eliminated within a maximum of several weeks.

The company "Akvelit" is engaged in the production of nanobraps. Currently, it is implementing an order for 150 thousand items for the UAE and the Gulf countries. The customer of the unique products is the Azal Medicine & Medical Equipment Trading group of companies (UAE). It is assumed that the size of orders over time will increase from 500 thousand to 12 million rubles with a gradual 10-fold increase.

Russian nanobrapes will help many patients in Arab countries suffering from the consequences of burns and diabetes.