Scale in heating systems will remove bacteria

Experts from Krasnodar, under the leadership of Elena Levina, have developed an original method for removing scale and dirt in central heating pipes. To do this, they suggested using a specially diluted species of bacteria.

The technology is as simple as it is effective. For cleaning, it is enough to connect to the heating system and run a mixture of modified bacteria through it for several days. Being in a nutrient medium, they live and reproduce quite well. And at this time, the products of their vital activity - several organic acids at once, including oxalic, citric and formic - destroy pollution and scale on the walls of the pipes.

Elena Levina, the head of development, spoke about the effectiveness of the new technology:

“To clean the heating system of a standard five-story building, only about 4 thousand liters of the mixture are required. Once inside the heating system, bacteria destroy the deposits on the walls of the pipes, thereby increasing their throughput and reducing heat loss by almost 20%. Due to this, boiler houses will save up to 35% of fuel, and their service life will be tripled ”.

The project of Krasnodar engineers became the winner of the Startup Village competition. As a result - an incentive grant of 5 million rubles and the first serious order from a large capital management company.