Tver begins testing of road slabs with nanocoating for the regions of the Far North

The most important condition for the development of the northern regions of Russia is the roads that have to be laid in permafrost conditions. These are often seasonal trails that operate during the short northern summer and require logs to be laid.

Obviously, this takes a huge amount of forest. One kilometer of the route irrevocably "consumes" up to 800 cubic meters of logs, which could be used, for example, for the production of paper or furniture.

The logs will be replaced by composite boards with a nano-containing coating, produced at the Tverstekloplastik enterprise - a division of the Composite Group of Companies. The nanoadditive is intended to enhance the wear resistance of the temporary road surface. It is designed to withstand tracked tractors and other large-sized special equipment weighing up to 80 tons.

The cookers are very compact and mobile. During the day, you can lay a kilometer of temporary coverage, which, at the end of the season or, if necessary, can be disassembled and transported to another place.

Composite slabs have proven themselves in the construction of the Russian section of the South Stream and will be in demand when laying the Power of Siberia gas pipeline.