Smart cooling cloud guides you on a hot day

In countries with hot climates, for example, the UAE or Saudi Arabia, so-called evaporative cooling technologies are increasingly used. A group of Italian designers led by Professor Carlo Ratti contributed to this trend by developing an original system that can be called the "accompanying cool cloud" technology.

As you know, business centers, usually located in giant skyscrapers, have powerful air conditioning systems that provide staff with cool air in summer and warm in winter. This consumes a huge amount of electricity.

In particular, in Dubai, 2/3 of all electricity consumed in the summer comes from air conditioners. Italian researchers have proposed a more flexible and cost effective system called Cast Cloud.

Imagine that you are walking down the corridor of the office, and a cloud of coolness follows you. In fact, we are talking about an individual climate system, which, in addition to cool air diffusers, includes motion tracking equipment.

According to Carlo Ratti, the Cast Cloud system is capable of serving any number of people in the building. Currently, its only prototype is on display at the Museum of Advanced Public Services in Dubai, but in the future, with the start of industrial production, it will become publicly available.