Contact lenses designed to work like binoculars

A novelty - telescopic contact lenses - was presented by a group of Swiss scientists from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne. The thickness of the lens, where the tiny reflecting telescope is located, is 1.55 mm. The design of the telescope includes mirrors that reflect sunlight and enlarge objects like small binoculars.

Telescopic contact lenses work in two modes - normal and zoom mode (maximum 2, 8 times). To enlarge the image, the owner of the lens must wink with the right eye, and to return to normal mode, the left. The lens does not respond to normal blinking.

The lenses are made of several faceted pieces of plastic, aluminum mirrors and polarized thin films, bonded with bio-safe glue. For the flow of air to the eye, tiny channels are provided over the entire area of ​​the eye with a diameter of 0.1 mm.

Initially, this project was developed by order of the American military agency DARPA, which needed a bionic vision device for soldiers. Later, Swiss scientists found their brainchild a more peaceful use - as a means to improve the vision of visually impaired, mainly the elderly.