Space technology helps save water

The problem of the shortage of fresh water covers more and more countries, including economically developed ones. One of the main reasons is its extremely wasteful consumption, therefore, humanity needs to learn now to preserve this irreplaceable wealth in the same way as astronauts do on board the ISS.

The water component of the space station's life support system provides for a closed cycle, when the used water after disposal is again ready for use. This technology formed the basis for the creation of an unusual shower cubicle, developed by a young Swedish engineer Mehrad Majubi.

The used water enters the tank, from where it is passed through a filter system with the help of a pump, after which it is again ready for use.

According to Mehrad, such a shower stall will be appreciated in countries experiencing chronic water shortages. And citizens of countries with developed economies, accustomed to take care of water resources, will definitely use it, because the cost of a cubic meter of water is increasing every year. By the way, in order to take a shower for 5 minutes, you need up to 70 liters of water.