A new dimension of cinematography - 4DX films hit the UK

The first screenings in UK cinemas of 4DX films caused a lot of the most controversial opinions - from wild enthusiasm to outright skepticism.

4DX technology is a set of special effects that complement the video and sound of traditional cinema. Among them - the imitation of fog, water spray, wind, odors and a host of other effects that immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of the events taking place on the screen.

So, for example, if in the course of the action there is a chase on cars, then the chairs will move, and if a showdown begins with a fight, the viewer may feel light blows in the back. You can also get wet with the main character in the rain. However, if you don't need it, the "wet" effect is made switchable.

The "Effect Factory" is located behind the scenes of the cinema, from where, through special valves, various scents are "delivered" to the hall, provided by the script of the film. If the action takes place somewhere in the city or in the midst of nature, then, for example, you will smell coffee, flowers, raspberries, and fans of action movies - gunpowder or burned rubber.

Each seat has nozzles that blow air or spray water onto the viewer

4DX technology was developed in South Korea more than 5 years ago and was first tested in the famous Avatar. Today 4DX cinemas are already open in 20 countries. However, in addition to frank enthusiasm, skeptical assessments are also heard. So one of the connoisseurs of Asian cinema, Jasper Sharp, after watching, frankly admitted: "This is not a movie of the future, but a trick."