"Wind tree" - a mini-power plant on the streets of the city

From a distance, this structure is not much different from an ordinary tree, but in fact it is a small wind farm. The French company NewWind has developed a tree-shaped wind generator with a height of three meters, specially designed for urban conditions and designed for small wind currents.

The crown of the "wind tree" is 72 microturbines capable of generating just over 3 kilowatts. Of course, this figure is significantly inferior to industrial models that produce up to 3 megawatts, but this is also quite enough for the operation of small household appliances, street lighting or charging electric vehicles.

NewWind was founded just three years ago by Jerome Michaud-Lariviere. Once, while walking, he noticed the leaves of trees rustling in the wind and thought that it would be nice to turn this energy into electrical energy. This is how the first 12-meter, five-ton prototype of the eco-friendly "wind tree" was created.

The author of the tree - Jerome Michaud-Lariviere

The prototype will be on display on March 12 at the Place de la Concorde in Paris and will stand for 2 months. The cost of an unusual wind turbine is about $ 35, 000. Industrial production and sales are also scheduled to start in March 2015. Interest in the new product has already been shown in many European cities.