AeroDrums - an invisible drum kit that makes real sounds

Imagine a person sitting in the middle of a room or on stage and diligently imitating drumming. In this case, you hear the sounds, but the drum kit itself is absent. This not quite ordinary reality has a rather simple explanation.

Here is the AeroDrums - an electronic musical device that converts certain human movements into drum sounds. To do this, the drummer attaches reflective stripes to his feet and picks up sticks with reflective beats at the ends. These elements are essential for AeroDrums to accurately capture every movement of the musician.

So, everything is ready for the game. The drummer begins to beat the imaginary drums, and at this time the video camera, carefully monitoring the movements of the arms and legs, loads the information received into the synthesizer, and the synthesizer forms the resulting sound "picture", where all types of drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments are present.

And you can see the virtual drums and the position of the sticks on your laptop or through virtual reality glasses by downloading the appropriate application.