Austria has developed a technology for creating 3D displays that do not require special glasses

The authors of the development are a young company TriLite and a group of specialists from the Vienna University of Technology. The main idea of ​​the project is to create a large 3D display that does not require special glasses.

When creating volumetric video images, multidirectional laser beams are used here. Each three-dimensional pixel on the screen - the "trixel" - contains a tiny laser and a moving mirror that directs this beam across the entire field of view. Thus, a different image is broadcast for the left and right eyes, which creates a three-dimensional picture without the need to use 3D glasses.

The main element is a "trixel" with a movable mirror

3D movies shown in cinemas only broadcast two different images - one for each eye. The new display will generate hundreds of different images. Thanks to this, the viewer will be able to view the displayed object from different angles, as if it were real. However, this will require a new video format that the researchers have already developed.

First 3D display prototype

At the moment, the startup participants have created only one prototype of a device with a low resolution, but already the next instance will have much greater capabilities. Commercial use of the technology will begin in 2016.