How technological advances are affecting retail

New technologies are rapidly entering the retail space. Today, advertising alone is not enough to get a potential buyer to fork out.

One of the latest innovations is the Barclycard payment glove, which can be used to pay for purchases. On the back, a microchip is sewn into it, which performs the same function as a credit or debit card.

The Superdrug chain of stores invites its visitors to use a miraculous mirror, which makes it possible to see various options for hairstyles, clothes or cosmetics, in relation to a particular person. And in John Lewis stores, the customer can use 3D models of furniture to match the fabric of the appropriate color.

The renowned backpack manufacturer Eastpak has installed an interactive touchscreen in one of its stores in East London, which will ask a few questions regarding the lifestyle of the buyer before offering the product.

And NexusEngage CEO Simon Ellson suggested filling unoccupied retail spaces with digital pop-ups.