Phononic startup promises a revolution in cooling technology

Semiconductors have made major changes in many areas of modern industry. Thanks to them, computers and LEDs appeared. Now the time has come for a revolution in refrigeration as well, according to startup Phononic.

Phononic cooling devices use thermoelectric materials — semiconductors that convert heat into electricity, or vice versa, that use electricity to remove heat.

"Phonon" technology has already found its way into solid-state heat pumps, which are used in refrigerator compressors and computer fans. The advantages of "phonon" refrigerators include their compactness and virtually silent operation, which is especially important in laboratories and research centers.

Phononic and conventional compressor

The company is now working with partners from China to create a silent home bar, as well as an air conditioner that will replace existing bulky window models.

With the help of thermoelectric elements, it became possible to capture the heat generated during oil drilling. And recently a thermoelectric generator was launched, generating electricity from the heat of the exhaust pipe of a diesel generator.