Affordable capsule hotel to be built in Paris

"See Paris and Die". Each of us has heard this phrase at least once in a lifetime. Indeed, every year the capital of France, the city of love, attracts millions of tourists. And if there is no shortage of tourists in Paris, there is a shortage of decent inexpensive hotels in the city center. The Parisian firm MenoMenoPiu volunteered to solve this problem.

MenoMenoPiu architects have developed and presented to the public the concept of a capsule hotel that will accommodate tourists right on the banks of the Seine River. The area of ​​a single room in the hotel will be only 4 square meters, and a double room - 7 square meters. The hotel will have a common corridor and one bathroom for every 10 rooms.

The architects were inspired to create this project by the famous capsule hotels in Japan. MenoMenoPiu representatives informed our colleagues at GizMag that they are currently in talks with the relevant local authorities in the hope of carrying out their ambitious project.