The smallest book in the world is presented - the Bible printed on a chip

The author of such an unusual publication was the Nano Bible company. Thanks to its dimensions 4, 76 x 4, 76 mm, the book fits easily on the nail. Instead of paper, silicon wafers were used for its manufacture, on which all 27 books of the New Testament fit. The size of the letter is 1/18 million meters, which makes it possible to read it only with a microscope.

Such a tiny size of the nano Bible makes it possible to make it part of a medallion or a wristwatch. It is printed in two versions - in Greek and Latin. Before the unusual Bible was released, Bible scholars tested it. After reading the entire text with a microscope, they gave a positive conclusion that this is indeed the text of the New Testament.

With the release of the nano Bible, the previous record for the smallest book was broken - 2, 8 x 3, 4 x 1, 0 cm, which gives the authors of the new edition a reason to claim an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. According to David Almog, head of the Nano Bible sales department, the main goal of the company is the mass circulation of the book, which everyone can purchase. The new unique edition of the Bible will certainly interest jewelers. The company plans to publish the Old Testament.