Toshiba takes over the cultivation of the perfect salad

Toshiba has been around since 1939 and has been making things from consumer electronics to medical systems and lighting. But over time, some technologies become unnecessary, and the company has to direct its production resources to something else. For example, the former Toshiba floppy disk factory has taken one of the most extraordinary moves in the company's history.

Not so long ago, a factory located in Yokosuka was producing large quantities of ordinary floppy disks. But today he grows lettuce. Moreover, it is not a simple salad, but an ideal salad, because Toshiba has organized the most advanced and modern salad production in the world.

The company had to spend a lot of effort to turn the industrial plant into environmentally friendly technologically advanced greenhouses. The combination of smart lighting, purified water, temperature control, energy efficiency and tablet control has allowed Toshiba to grow near-perfect lettuce leaves that don't even need to be washed before eating.

All plantations are located indoors with their own microclimate. This means that such production can be located anywhere in the world. For example, where, due to the climate, it is in principle impossible to grow lettuce. Or any other edible product.

Such an overly technological plantation may seem overkill. After all, an ordinary salad can be grown in the ground. However, Toshiba's commitment to sustainability is becoming increasingly popular. This is the farm of the future, independent of harmful insects, diseases and weather conditions.