DARPA unveils next generation tank interface

Another ambitious DARPA program is called GXV-T (abbreviation for Ground X-Vehicle Technologies). Its goal is to create a promising light armored tank of the next generation. Its main advantages will be high speed and maneuverability, which, combined with high technology, will ensure its dominance on the battlefield.

One of the key components of the tank will be a unique information and combat system, which in terms of information efficiency can be compared with similar systems of modern combat aircraft.

As you know, one of the main problems of the tank is its limited visibility. In the tank of the future, it will be solved with the help of panoramic displays inside the cockpit, providing all-round visibility. The driver-mechanic, or rather the driver-operator, will be able to see the environment in several versions - in the form of an optimal route of movement over rough terrain, in a normal and simplified form, as in the process of an outdated version of a computer game.

Of course, the option of viewing in infrared light is provided, as well as the ability to monitor the combat situation on the battlefield. The GXV-T system will be able to operate in autopilot mode while the driver-operator will perform combat missions.