A new way of charging electric vehicles through the wheels invented

There are two reasons that hinder the widespread adoption of electric vehicles: long charging times and short range. But it seems that scientists will soon be able to solve these issues with the help of a new technology for transmitting electrical energy - through car wheels.

It's no secret that electric vehicles have long learned to charge through specially equipped roads. For example, in the South Korean city of Gumi, public transport buses receive energy using electromagnetic induction. However, the new method uses a different principle - radio frequency transmission.

The trick of the technology, developed by Japanese scientists Masahiro Hanazawa and Takashi Ohira, lies in special tires - it is proposed to embed steel belts in them. Such tapes will be able to collect energy from a pair of electrodes hidden under the roadway.

The concept avoids potentially dangerous contact of conductive devices by converting energy from power lines to radio frequencies using high frequency converters.

To test the theory, scientists have created a special electric car in 1/32 scale. As a result, they were able to demonstrate that a car can receive energy at a frequency of 52 MHz with a transmission efficiency of 75%.

Scientists believe that the technology could significantly expand the capabilities of electric vehicles. In addition, it can push for the creation of vehicles without bulky batteries, receiving the main energy in real time.