German genetic engineers are going to get rubber from dandelions

Millions of gardeners around the world know dandelion as a vicious weed, which is quite difficult to control. But, as it turned out, the dandelion is not as bad as many people think. For many years, its healing properties have been actively used in medicine and cosmetology, and more recently German biochemists discovered rubber in its roots.

And although its content turned out to be extremely insignificant, the very fact became the starting point of a unique project to develop a new variety of dandelions, in which the rubber content will be significantly higher.

According to the project manager Dirk Prüffer, this problem can be solved with the help of genetic engineering, after which it will be possible to produce rubber on an industrial scale, moreover, in the full sense of the field. Prüffer and his colleagues are confident that they will be able to obtain higher quality rubber at a lower financial cost. Dandelions are known for their unpretentiousness and can grow on almost any soil without the need for additional care.

Scientists have a lot of work to do. The process of breeding dandelions should not violate the environment, and most importantly, high standards of raw materials should be constantly maintained.