The visuals that brought Game of Thrones to life

A rare film in the modern world does without special effects. For a long time now, drawing something on the screen has become easier and cheaper than building scenery or creating realistic dolls. This fate was not spared, and one of the most successful TV series of our time - "Game of Thrones". And it was for the visual effects that the series won four technical Emmy awards this year.

The creators of the series with the help of special effects embodied on the screen a huge fantasy world created by the fantasy of George Martin. Montreal-based special effects studio Rodeo has released a video showing the work done in the fourth season of the series.

In particular, the video demonstrates the city of Meereen with its majestic pyramids, the process of creating extras for battle scenes, and, out of nowhere, magnificent landscapes of this nonexistent world appear on the screen. However, it is better to watch this video after the series to avoid spoilers.