London-based fashion designer has developed a unique fabric

One of the main sensations of London Fashion Week 2014 was the debut of an aspiring designer from London Lauren Bowker. The result of her art experiment was a collection of clothes made from fabrics impregnated with multisensory dyes that change color depending on temperature, light levels, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

Lauren considers herself more of an alchemist than an artist-designer. Her collections are dominated by architecturally built complex forms, on which the amazing features of unique colors are manifested in all their splendor.

In her small “Studio for the Materialization of the Invisible, ” Lauren Bowker managed to create 10 materials in imitation of nature. Some clothing models are somewhat reminiscent of the rainbow insect exoskeleton. It is still difficult to imagine that such clothes will become the property of millions of fashionistas. However, the practical use of unique fabrics is already being considered.

Imagine that your clothes are pretty dirty, one day they will drastically change their usual color, the car seat in the same way will "signal" about an increased temperature in the cabin, and a swimsuit - about too high a level of ultraviolet radiation.