An engineer decided to 3D print a real castle

Most of the models printed on 3d printers are relatively small copies of real things. So why not print something really big at life size? For example, a medieval castle. This is exactly the task set by engineer Andrey Rudenko.

Nowadays, you will hardly surprise anyone with 3D printing of buildings and architectural structures. Several Chinese firms have already experimented with concrete printing. And the Winsun company even set a kind of speed record: 10 houses in just 24 hours. However, their system involves printing plates and individual elements, which are then positioned by humans.

The installation, built by Rudenko, works on the principle of a conventional desktop 3d printer. The only difference is in the size and material used. The author claims that his printer is capable of punching 75-100 cm of walls in 8 hours without the risk of deforming the structure.

Now that the home-made construction printer has been tested in practice, the next step, Andrey Rudenko, is going to "print" a full-fledged two-story house. In the meantime, he has yet to complete the construction of the castle.