Amazon will begin testing drones for delivering goods

Late last year, Amazon, widely regarded as one of the largest online retailers, announced plans to use drones to deliver ordered goods to customers. And, as it turned out, her intentions are serious.

According to Western media reports, Amazon management has asked the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to authorize the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. After receiving approval from the department, the company can begin testing the first drones this year, which will deliver small purchases by air. The tests are planned to be carried out in the city of Seattle, Washington.

Recall that Amazon is now working on the "Prime Air" project. According to the company's idea, with the help of drones, the delivery time of goods can be reduced to several hours and, moreover, the buyer does not have to go to the post office to receive an order. Already, the drones developed for these purposes can deliver goods weighing about 2.2 kg at a speed of up to 80 km / h. And thanks to a whole system of sensors, they are able to fly around obstacles.