British Aerospace Corporation has declassified several of its projects

The famous British aerospace corporation BAE Systems has decided to declassify several of its promising military projects, which can currently be seen, perhaps, in science fiction films about the wars of the future.

Perhaps the most interesting concept is the stealth transformer aircraft, consisting of three aircraft - the main diamond-shaped aircraft and two small flank aircraft. Such a scheme is capable of providing a long flight with significant fuel savings due to a decrease in overall aerodynamic drag. Another important advantage of this design is the simpler in-air refueling scheme.

The next concept is called Survivor. Its essence lies in the fact that with the help of a special light glue, which is inside a template made of carbon nanotubes, an aircraft can “patch up” received damages on the fuselage or wings during flight.

No less fantastic is the project of an aircraft, which, using a concentrated beam of energy, disables missiles aimed at it, as well as an aircraft on board of which a drone can be made using a 3D printer.

However, it should be noted that all these, no doubt, bold ideas will be implemented no earlier than 2040.