Polish architects offered their own version of Noah's ark

Natural and man-made disasters with catastrophic consequences are increasingly becoming a reality. Suffice it to recall the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 and in Japan in 2011. How to be saved from a possible impending disaster? What is Noah's Ark of the XXI century?

The original and somewhat fantastic version was proposed by architects from Poland, brothers Damian and Rafal Przybyl. Their project called "Wandering Skyscraper" in an extreme situation can simply roll away from the problem on its own.

The "Wandering Skyscraper" is a giant wheel, in the center of which is a three-story residential building. On closer inspection, it closely resembles a giant unicycle that powers a biofuel-powered engine. He does not need refueling, since fuel is supplied by the residents of the miracle house at the expense of the farm, poultry house, vegetable gardens and greenhouses that deliver food to them.

In motion, the "nomadic skyscraper" will maneuver by changing the center of gravity, and if the rim is equipped with a rubber coating, it will be able to turn around like a tank. It is assumed that these will be both private houses and 10-15-storey apartment buildings designed for 1000 residents.