The laser beam will help restore the damaged tooth

The technology for treating a damaged tooth is well known: first, the dentist carefully processes the formed hollow, and then installs a filling. But science does not stand still. Specialists of the Wyss Institute (Harvard) have developed an original technology for self-healing of a damaged tooth using an infrared laser.

This method is based on the properties of focused light waves of a certain length to have a therapeutic effect on a specific part of the body, in this case, on the tooth nucleus. The experiments were carried out on rats. It was found that after irradiation with an infrared laser, dentin, the building material of which the tooth is composed, began to form in a specially drilled hole in a rat tooth.

Image from an electron microscope

According to the head of the research group David Mooney, dentistry has taken a big step forward, since it has become possible to restore teeth instead of installing implants. In medicine, this method is called low-level light therapy. Having proven its effectiveness in dentistry, it will surely be adapted over time for treatment and other organs.