Philips has developed a firefly carpet

As you know, most modern LED signs used inside public buildings are located on walls or ceilings. However, studies have shown that many people prefer to navigate by looking at their feet. This is what Philips engineers and designers decided to take advantage of when creating LED carpet flooring.

According to the company's representative Ed Guibers, the main goal of the new development is to create a comfortable living environment in office and public buildings. The unique properties of the luminous coatings are given by 12 mm thick LEDs woven into them in a special way.

With the help of such a carpet, it is possible to successfully regulate the massive movement of people, for example, at large train stations or airports. Or imagine this option. When you check into your hotel room, you receive a key, and a carpet with LED lighting shows you the way to the room. It also saves you the trouble of turning on lights at night to get to the toilet and helps you find your way out in the event of an emergency.