Kitchen light knife concept for the real Jedi

In fact, lightsabers don't exist yet. We've just come to understand how to associate photons with each other. However, designer Chia-Yu Ye of the Electrolux lab has already created a light knife concept. Although in fact, the implementation of such an idea is more connected with the Terminator than with Star Wars.

The Lightsaber Knife, as this knife is called, is a handle that can create the blade you need at the push of a button. At your request, the knife handle will make one of five pre-programmed blade shapes out of liquid metal. To prevent children from accidentally injuring themselves while picking up a knife, the design concept includes a fingerprint scanner.

However, despite the fact that the concept looks very attractive, no one has yet canceled the problem of the absence of liquid metal. In addition, the ministries of defense of any country would rather give this technology to the construction of the T1000 terminator than to housewives in the kitchen.