Venture Capital Company Adds Artificial Intelligence To Board Of Directors

Technologies are constantly evolving, striving to offer people something new. Therefore, it is not surprising that it finally happened - for the first time artificial intelligence was included in the company's board of directors. The venture capital firm Deep Knowledge Ventures has made an artificial intelligence named VITAL a peer board member for its ability to assess market trends that are not "obvious to humans."

In recent years, we have seen how computer programs on Wall Street, thanks to their high-frequency trading algorithms, could literally profit out of thin air in a short amount of time. But since none of these programs had a vote on the board of directors, it can be assumed that VITAL's success will be even more impressive.

VITAL is a program that analyzes the history of companies' development and, based on this, can make an assumption whether a startup will be able to survive without additional funding. However, it is not yet known what privileges VITAL will receive, and how "equal" its membership in the council will be. We can only hope that in the future computers will not run all business on the planet and will not take over humanity.