Chinese company can build up to 10 houses per day using 3D printing

3D printing of real residential buildings is no longer a figment of our imagination or an object of design concepts. The Chinese company Winsun has already mastered the technology and is successfully printing eco-friendly homes.

Instead of using bricks and mortar, Winsun houses are printed from construction waste and cement, layer by layer. Thanks to this, houses are very cheap (about $ 4, 800 per house) and can be printed in bulk (10 pieces per day).

Of course, these houses are one-story and quite simple. But this is how they were developed - as utilitarian as possible, intended for office premises. The only part of the house that cannot be printed is the roof, due to its technological complexity.

“With 3D printing, in the future we will be able to build high quality and reliable buildings without any risk, ” says President of Winsun New Materials.

The video below shows the technology used by a Chinese company.