US Olympic Snowboard Team Clothes Tested by Military Experts

At the Winter Olympics in Sochi, not only the best athletes in the world compete, but also the leading manufacturers of sports equipment, the creation of which today uses the most modern technologies. A good example is the US snowboarding team wearing Burton clothing. Before she was dressed by American athletes, she passed rigorous testing at the US Army Research Center - Natick Army Labs.

The choice of Burton was far from accidental. Natick Army Labs specializes in the development of various options for military equipment, fireproof uniforms, special tents and food for military personnel. However, in addition to this, there is a "civilian component" in the activities of the military research center.

At the request of the developers, an innovative material from Burton was tested here - DRYRIDE Vaporchell, which is able to regulate the level of moisture inside and outside clothing, that is, reliably protect snowboarders from sweat, rain and snow. Thanks to him, athletes are always dry and warm during training and performances.