New Russian diesel fuel will not freeze even at -65 ° C

The development of the strategically important regions of the Arctic for Russia is impossible without modern transport, which, in turn, requires special types of fuels and lubricants. Quite recently, tests of the unique diesel fuel, developed by the Institute of Chemotology of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, have been successfully completed.

In the course of laboratory studies, it has been experimentally confirmed that Arctic diesel fuel, intended for refueling military equipment, is not afraid of frost down to -65 ° C. According to its characteristics, it is much better than the "civilian" counterparts. In addition to the development of new types of fuel, the institute also carries out admission checks of all fuels and lubricants supplied to the Russian Army without exception.

As the head of the institute, Vladimir Sereda, assured, military drivers will not have problems with starting an engine running on a special Arctic diesel fuel. From 2015, the new fuel will be used in military and scientific equipment in the Arctic.