Introduced a universal color 3d printer

3D printers are gaining popularity. With their help, you can already print the car body, food, houses and even implants. Stratasys, understanding the demand for such devices, has developed a versatile color printer.

The new Objet500 Connex3 printer from Stratasys is truly versatile indeed. It allows you to simultaneously print with different types of materials, which, moreover, can be multi-colored.

According to the developers, the printer can form an object from three basic materials at once, which allows you to combine their properties and get a unique product. In addition, printing objects from different materials with different colors will allow the user to significantly save time, eliminating the need for assembly and painting.

It is reported that eight printheads are involved in the layer-by-layer formation of the object. In this case, the minimum layer thickness reaches 16 microns.

The novelty has already gone on sale. For a unique universal 3D printer, you will have to pay about 330 thousand dollars.