Berlin biotechnologists create anti-caries candy with lactobacilli

As you know, an excessive passion for sweets can lead to obesity, diabetes and, of course, caries. German biotechnologists from the OrganoBalance laboratory came to the aid of those with a sweet tooth.

They managed to create lollipops that do not harm the teeth. Even if a person overeats them to nausea, his teeth will remain in perfect order. The secret of the lollipops lies in their special composition, which contains lactobacilli.

Medicine has established that the cause of caries is Mutans Streptococcus, which, when ingested with food, begins to secrete acid that destroys tooth enamel. Experts from the OrganoBalance laboratory have introduced into their candies another bacterium - Lactobacillus paracasei, which creates a sweet taste and at the same time kills the harmful streptococcus.

In a word, now you can combine business with pleasure - you can safely eat delicious candies without the slightest damage to your teeth.