The "Moscow-1" radio electronic tram station will allow you to see targets at a distance of up to 400 km

The electronic warfare arsenal has been replenished with one more unique novelty - the electronic reconnaissance station "Moscow-1". Compared to its previous counterparts, the station sees much further - up to 400 km.

Its principle of operation is based on passive radar, that is, fixing all signals emitted by an air target. In this case, the station remains invisible to the enemy. For example, a cruise missile simultaneously emits up to six signals. This includes communication with the control room, scanning of the terrain and communication with navigation satellites.

By intercepting these signals, the station compares them with its extensive database, and then determines the type of target. If the target carries a threat, then the command may decide to destroy it.

If unknown signals are detected, experts are connected to the analysis, and the obtained data are entered into the memory of the on-board computer.