Completed tests of the Russian set of combat equipment "Ratnik"

In November of this year, tests of the domestic set of combat equipment "Ratnik" were successfully completed, in the development and creation of which a number of leading Russian defense enterprises took part. According to experts, with its adoption, Russian servicemen will rightfully be able to call themselves soldiers of the 21st century.

"Ratnik" is a complex modern modular complex, which includes protective equipment, weapons, ammunition, and a communications system. The fighter will be protected from bullets and shrapnel by an army suit, 6B43 body armor and a multi-layer helmet capable of repelling a pistol bullet within 5-10 meters.

The means of communication and control are represented by the control system "Sagittarius", a communicator that determines the location of a soldier using the currently operating navigation systems (GPS, Glonass). In addition, the soldier will have power supplies, goggles, knee and elbow shields, filters for water purification, an automatic machine with an infrared sight, etc. The set weighs about 20 kg.

Tests have shown that "Ratnik" is in no way inferior to foreign counterparts, and in some ways it surpasses them. This applies, first of all, to the French FELIN combat gear, which was previously preferred. "Warrior" will begin to enter the Russian Army in early 2014.