New London airport to be built on artificial island

The extreme congestion of existing London airports has long plagued the whole of southern England. To solve this problem, a specially created consortium has developed a project for a new airport Brittania Airport, which will be located on an artificial island in the Thames estuary.

Testrad, following the overall strategy of developing the city and moving the economic center of London to the east, carried out all the necessary research and developed the project of the new airport. The project takes into account everything imaginable: wind directions and power-to-weight ratio, existing and future transport networks, and flood protection.

Brittania Airport will consist of six runways located on an artificial surface at the mouth of the river. The cost of the project will be about $ 75 billion, which, in terms of cost per runway, will be even more economical than adding lanes at Heathrow Airport.

The problems of expanding the current main airport in London appeared way back in 1944, when it was built on the site of a small British Air Force base. Over the course of several decades, Heathrow became the main English airport. But at the present time, the limited capacity of its capacity may affect even the British economy.

After the new airport is put into operation, it will be able to provide round-the-clock service to 172 million passengers a year and significantly relieve the western part of the city.